MG Motoring 2017 - Page 28

MG Car Club of South Australia Finally we were promised last year by Goldy that this year's event would feature a "golden" sunset at Murray Bridge in day- light saving time, not only cold after Crafers , but no sunset at all, looks like he slipped up on that, however next year might be better, still it was a good night after all. Next meeting 13 April at Clubrooms Chief St Brompton We will be holding the meeting at the club to welcome and en- tertain as well as showing off well prepared cars to interstate guests arriving for the National Meeting. It's Easter Thursday , hot cross buns time & big raffle. Geraldine and others are going to pre- pare another outstanding supper so make sure that you all roll in for this night with shiny cars, still check the website for more information. May meeting venue not decided but i will get onto it. Good luck everybody, see you at the April meeting and at the Nat Meet Concourse Easter Sat- urday. John Bray Register Coordinator and grand Vizer. 26