MG Motoring 2017 - Page 27

April 2017 General Business. An- thony Pearson asked for sup- port at the Na- tional Meeting Concourse event on the easter sunday at Colley Re- serve, messers Martin, Davies, Walker & Bray said yes , how- ever it was noted that the very first to register his intent some time ago, An- drew "Willow" Willington had been left off the list, "not happy Jan " , but he's ok now we think. Geraldine reported that there are 323 registered for the Nat Meet to date. Newly crowned and accredited CAMS media photographers Terry Wright and Wayne Hough did quite a bit of back slapping over their acceptance into the world of the paparazzi. Watch for the hi vis vest of Terry Wright stalking about at next meeting, you will not miss him it's a size XXL , bal- loon fitting i am told. A big welcome to the A Register members, Greg Atkins was the lone A Series car to make it, Geoff Goode could not make it past Crafers unfor- tunately but it was good to see all the others there. Matters of insignificance. Thane Martin has taken to wearing the Por- sche cap to meetings, let's all ac- knowledge it now that he has pur- chased a very nice 911. Don Walker could hardly wait to get his hands on a set of 19" wheels from Goldy, not sure where they are going , on the special maybe ? Good to see the boys bring the WA up from Goolwa again, adds class, first to arrive , thanks Peter & Don, it's al- ways a great sight to see register cars of a similar vintage when we can get them together. TD Mc Nabb was in New Zealand on the MG Palooza over there, there is heaps from him going up on the web- site you can be sure. Russell Garth made an impressive run in the TF without problem this year, the 30 year old resto is holding up well Russ, fingers crossed. Bob Schapel's paint job on the TC has a rather nice patina about it if you had not noticed, love it ! The Doc was able to dump radiator coolant on the gravel this meeting unnoticed i say. Technology foiled by a TC. In case you did not notice, the barking dog horn on Ronnie Jillet's TC does not work when the car is in motion. That goes to show that no thorough bred car is going to put up with frivolity and a departure from originality. Maybe Goldy can fix it Ronnie? 25