MG Motoring 2017 - Page 26

MG Car Club of South Australia PRE-WAR & T REGISTER From...John Bray 2 March 2016 Brian & Kath Golding's Murray Bridge cent motorcycle and sidecar was a highlight in the shed. Amazing story that it was assembled from parts all around the globe, single cylinder en- gine, would you believe that some poor beggar in Brazil is still searching for that single cylinder numbered pot eh Brian? The MG Palooza at the River. The Crafers Hotel carpark, given a jolt by the assembled members eager to get on with the run to Goldy's, Murray Bridge . Patrons arriving for dinner were somewhat put out however the hot night ensured that beers flowed Apologies. Ken Fisher, Peter Cundy, freely out to drivers and passengers John Neilson, TD Mc Nabb, Maurice Linehan, Peter Auld, Bob & Shelly alike, phew! Bazzica, Geoff Glasson (late break- Bad luck descended upon A Register down held up ) & Reginald O'Malley member Geoff Goode in his A with starter motor breakdown in the car- Visitors. From the UK we welcomed park, an unfortunate scratching to the Gordon & Gaynor guests of Inspector Buckles . Gordon had the sheer de- event. light of steering the wandering TC This was the end of the hot night, it got from Crafers to the meeting under progressively colder on the way to the supervision of course. Gaynor was Gold's ranch . escorted in the V8 B driven by Lachy Thanks to Brian and Kath for hosting Kinnear, yes great to see both of members of both registers, 42 signed Buckles cars on th H[ܙX]Y[š[]\H\H]X\ M[ܙH  M[YY YHܚY\X]X•\\ HPK HK HQHX[H^]\HZ\Y Hۛ˜YYYX]HH[Y\ۙHܘ][\HH[[\Y\[Y[[x&\X\ X[&\[YH[H[YHK