MG Motoring 2017 - Page 22

MG Car Club of South Australia STRATHALBYN SHOW AND SHINE FIRST IN FIRST SERVED ALL MG’S WELCOME The Strathalbyn Heritage Centre will be playing host to the MG Car Club of SA on Sunday 18th June 2017, so a great opportunity to display your cars. Address…Cnr of South Terrace and Rankine Street Strathalbyn Maximum ...20 cars only on display, albeit adequate street parking is available. Arrival time ....Strictly 9.30 – 10.30AM. Departure time all cars.... 3.00PM. Gates open to the Public....11.00AM. Cost....$10.00 p/h when booking in. There will be Morning and Afternoon Tea available at $2.00 H]\YH^KY[XK[[܈[KHXZ[[[ۜ][ۜ•HX[H[\][ۈ[۝HX\]]K\܈HYY\B[[\\[[\H[H\وH[\ܞHوHۜ\ [\[[\X\ˈH\[][\^H[YY [\Y[HܚY[[XH][ۈ[\\K[[[H]Y][Hۜ\\[\\Y[H^\\H[[H^HHۈۈH^BX\B[]Z\Y\HXYHˋX[]H[[[H8$YX][XZ[ X[]LNLY[KK]B