MG Motoring 2017 - Page 20

MG Car Club of South Australia MGB REGISTER EVENT From..Steve Spong Saturday 18th February 2017 Beach Run you wonder, and what is it about roundabouts that people do not un- derstand? At the Anzac Highway roundabout in Glenelg, we were all continuing straight ahead when a lady cut in from the left, across the bows of Leigh and Judy, and shot off to make a right hand exit. All with unrestrained kids flying about in the back. Luckily Leigh managed to take the necessary evasive action but it was a close thing. T he plan was for a balmy sum- mers evening drive along the coast from Brighton to Largs Pier, however our weird summer weather had different ideas. It did not rain but it was overcast and chilly. However for the select few who made the run it was a great evening. We welcomed back Roger Ford who has been off convalescing after a nasty ladder fall, and admired his re- cently re-sprayed Camino Gold "B". It was also great to meet the newcom- ers to the club out for their first event, namely Daniel Cooper & Cheryl An- drews-Cooper and David & June Hill in their lovely "Bs". Anyway the rest of the drive was un- eventful and we arrived at Largs where some had to return home, only coming for the drive, whilst 6 of us headed for the pub for a meal and a very congenial night. So thanks to all who came and we look forward to seeing everyone and more at the next B Register Event, yet to be advertised. We managed to keep, more or less, in convoy for the whole of the route but the actions of some drivers do make 18