MG Motoring 2017 - Page 12

MG Car Club of South Australia SECRETARY’S ANNUAL REPORT From Arthur Ruediger – Secretary MG CAR CLUB OF SA INC. General Committee PRESENTED TO THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY, 14 th MARCH 2017 Dick Manning Ian Curwen-Walker Steve Spong I t gives me pleasure to present the sixty first ( 61 th ) Annual Secre- tary’s Report of THE MG CAR CLUB OF SA INCORPORATED, covering the 12-months, January to December, 2016 Our membership decreased by 22 during the year which compares with an increase of 4 for the previous year. Total membership at the end of the 2016 club year, as a result of 96 res- ignations and 74 new members was 935, made up of 666 full members and 269 wives, partners or depend- ent members. It is interesting to note that the decrease of 22 were all SPD members bar one. The 2016 were: executive committee President Allan Semmler Vice President Adrian Ward Secretary Arthur Ruediger Assistant Secretary Bev Waters Treasurer Alan Cardnell Magazine Editor Laurie Houghton Motorsport Secretary Murray Stephenson Assistant Motorsport Secretary P eter Coulson Social Secretary ( no appointment ) Secretary Of Registers Wayne Hough 10 Bar Manager: Patron Auditor Berry Treffers Edward Ordynski Dean Crook Committee Appointments Regalia Geraldine Hough Parades & Displays Adrian Ward Cams Delegate I an Curwen – Walker FHMC SA Delegate Geoffrey Goode Property Manager Doug Marshall Breakfast Run Coordinator Steve Spong Mid Week lunch run Coordinator Di & David Holmes Web Master Peter Coulson T - Register Secretary John Bray MG A / Magnette Register Coordinator Sandra Cardnell MG B / Tech. night Coordinator Leyland George MG C Register Coordinator Ian Hobbs MG F ,TF & Z Register Coordinator Barry Burne As in past years I would like to take this opportunity to thank all committee members and appointees for their contribution over the past 12 months. To all the other volunteers who have freely given of their time to promote the activities of our club during th ”)ε•…Θ°$Ρ‘…Ή¬ε½Τ…±ΝΌ½Έ‰•‘…±˜½˜Ρ‘”)•α•ΥΡ₯Ω”½΅΅₯ΡΡ•”…Ή΅•΅‰•ΙΜΈ)]₯Ρ‘½ΥЁε½Τ½Υȁ±Υˆέ½Υ±Ή½Π½Α•Θ΄)…Ρ”…́ΝՍ•ΝΝ™Υ±±δ…́₯Ё‘½•ΜΈ