MG Motoring 2017 June 2017-opt - Page 34

MG Car Club of South Australia A Visit to Mike Sherrell’s Place After a very enjoyable sea voyage on the MS Astor from Outer Harbour near Port Adelaide Jan & I headed to Fre- mantle (Read Freo!) on a delightful 6 day cruise ( Read Food/ Wine Fest!) and arrived in Western Australia on a de- lightful autumn morning in March, still in Australian waters all the way. I had previously sent an email to Mike Sherrell letting him know that we were heading over his way. We only had a few days in Freo but managed to do a bit of sightseeing, out to the Car Museum in York and this trip included catching up again with Mike. We called on him mid-morning to find his home is also his office and workshop and living on a corner block in South Perth means that he can have dual ac- cesses. We were lucky enough to see Mike as he had just taken delivery of the first 32 batch of his new publication, which is a continuation of his very famous book ” TCs Forever”. Mike very kindly posed for the photo showing both copies and the photo was taken in his workshop, in the back- ground you can see his own amazingly original and very reliable black TC, one he has owned since he was 16 years old and he has driven this car over 600,000 Miles. His other MG is a wonderfully distinctive silver and green blown road and track machine and he is at present building up a similar car for another TC aficionado but this time in black with red from a do- nor TC from SA. If anyone wants to obtain a copy of this new edition please contact Mike direct via email on Mike Greenwood – Strathalbyn - March 2017.