MG Motoring 2017 June 2017-opt - Page 30

MG Car Club of South Australia O My ride around Mallala in a Race Lamborghini. n the Easter Saturday during the National Rally, while down at Wigley Re- serve I purchased a ticket in the raffle for the ride in Kevin Weeks Lambor- ghini Gallardo at the Mallala racetrack on Easter Monday. I really thought I had just donated $20.00 to the club so it was a huge surprise when I received a phone call on Sunday from Sandra Cardnell to say I had won a ride. On the day I was excited but also a little anxious of what was to come. Marie and I arrived early and watched the MG's thunder around the track. Some of these guys can really drive and they certainly get the most from their cars. Time to prepare for my ride. Kevin Weeks was getting ready and warming the up the car. Allan Semmler borrowed a race jacket for me and I borrowed a helmet. I couldn't contain my excitement as I was strapped into the car, a few kind and re- assuring words from Kevin and we were off. The immense power and take off of the car was incredible as I was thrown back into the seat. As we approached the turns I started to wonder if Kevin had forgotten how to use the brakes, almost bracing myself to leave the track and hit the dirt. But the way he slowed that ma- chine and flew through the turns was exhilarating to say the least. After the first couple of turns I let myself relax and totally enjoy the three laps around the track. It was an absolutely wonderful experi- ence and a great way to enjoy a day. Many thanks to Kevin Weeks for donat- ing the ride and bringing me back safely, also Allan Semmler and the kind gentle- man who loaned me his helmet. X[][B