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June 2017 Quotes attributable to Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan Since announcing plans to change conditional registration last year, there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response from the South Australian motoring community. Changing this scheme will help to preserve South Australia’s motoring heritage by reducing costs and red tape for car enthusiasts. Many of these vehicles haven’t been registered and driven, and have been sat in sheds and garages because minor modifications meant they were not eligible for cheaper conditional registration which allows a vehicle to be driven up to 90 days a year. These common sense changes mean that car enthusiasts can make modifications to their vehicles, such as cosmetic and safety improvements, without forcing them off the road and into the garage. Thousands of previously unused vehicles are also now expected to join the scheme which will also support tourism events such as car runs, shows and concourse dis- plays. It has been a pleasure to work with car clubs and vehicle enthusiasts to develop these change and in particular Glenn Stankevicius from the Street Machine Associa- tion of South Australia should congratulated for his efforts. Advertisement for MG be Motoring Magazine 2016 I believe that once we are in possession of the revised Code it will be incumbent upon the committee to review our rules and procedures for the new Scheme. Editor... GUARNA LEGAL wishes to thank MGCCSA members for GUARNA LEGAL wishes to thank MGCCSA members for their ongoing support and their ongoing support and success of the firm. success of the firm. The firm has expanded and now both Michelina Guarna and Maggie Yarak are happy to now continue provide all members with a Yarak preferential rate all legal The firm has expanded and both to Michelina Guarna and Maggie are happy to for continue to services. provide all members with a preferential rate for all legal services. Family law matters including property settlements and child matters  including Wills, property Probate and Disputed and Estates Family law matters settlements child matters Wills, Probate and Estates  Disputed Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives Powers of Attorney Advance Care Directives  and Commercial Law Commercial Law  Employment Law Employment Law  Criminal Law Criminal Law Level 1, 327 King William St  Intellectual Property Law ADELAIDE SA 5000  Intellectual Property Law FREE INITIAL 20 MINUTE INTERVIEW AFTER HOURS APPOINTMENTS FREE INITIAL 20 MINUTE INTERVIEW AFTER HOURS APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE P | 08 8373 6473 19