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MG Car Club of South Australia BREAKFAST RUN NEWS From..Steve Spong Breakfast Run to Murray Bridge Sunday 30th April 2017 T here was a very good turn out for the April breakfast run to Murray Bridge and the wet weather held off too, so all signs remained good for the day. At the start we had a visit from the cops as they cruised around Veale Gardens. They were very interested in the cars and commented on how great they all looked, wishing us a pleasant drive as they left to find some real criminals. So we set off and basically followed the old Princes Highway there, whilst some made their own way. The destination was Sturt Reserve, which runs along by the river and which provides a large area for parking and picnicking on a well kept parkland, and was a great spot for the 2 dogs to run. Many then made a day of it by having lunch at the local pub, some driving on to Tailem Bend for lunch and others just meandering home. So thanks to all who came, and to David McNabb for taking many of the photos. 12 Attendees: Don Walker & Jeanette Walsingham-Meath MGTC Local club member and first time on a breakfast run. Brian Golding MGTC David McNabb& Kerry Hugo MGTD John & Rosie Miles MG Magnette Ian & Amani Drewe MGA Trev & Sandy Dicker MGA Nick & Denise Micklem MGB Berry Treffers & dog Brandy MGB Peter & Marilyn Young MGB Marian & Glenys Karczwski & dog Ebony Rea MGB Wendy & Dietmar Sauer MGB Phil & Esther Smith MGB Bryan & Wendy Turner MGB Leigh & Judy Albertson MGB June & David Hill MGB Olaf & Ryan Wegn \‚“QΠ‚”˜^H ˆ˜[™][“QΠ‚•™]›άˆΪ]H ‚”›Ψž[ˆΨ][™\œΒ“QΠ‚YšX[ˆΨ\™ ‚”›άΨHš[™]B“QΠ‘Υ”έ]™HάΫ™Θ ‚˜\˜ˆ\œš[™έΫ‚“QΠ‘Υ’Ω[ˆ ˆ˜\˜ˆXΪΩ\‚“QΡ•‚”]\ˆ ˆΪ\›ΫˆΫέ[ΫΫ‚“QΦ”‚•™]›άˆ ˆ[[ˆ˜Z]B“QΦ”‚”›Ϋˆ]Ϊ\Θ ˆ[XB“U[[ˆ ˆ›άΘ›έΩ\˜ZΩ\‚“X^™H