MG Motoring 2017 June 2017-opt - Page 13

June 2017 Next meeting. June 1 We will be hosted by Robert Horn at 6 Mills Street Clarence Park again this year. A must see for those who missed it last year. It will be a most entertain- ing and informative night again, I can assure you like signing in and paying the $5 fee for all. 5 T Types at least in his wonderous food and raffle tickets. Alladin’s cave of MG history and won- Which brings me to the point that you derment. pay $5 of which $3 goes to the host for Future meetings. ( please write these expenses (food & coffee) $2 is for , down) wait for it…2 raffle tickets not one like July 6 , Ken Fisher’s 16 Benjamin some think. $1 each if you want more. Street St Marys Old Speckled Hen , Abingdon Beer is off August 9 Doc Dallwitz 18 Mc Gowan for a while, I have exhausted stocks at Street Unley Dan Murphy’s . Note: This is a Wednesday night. Mike Sherrell’s got another airing from September 7 Leigh Ritcher 21 Hillside Bob Schapel , $90 delivered it seems, Rd Aldgate orders can be taken. October 5 Peter & Brownyn Micklem There was a trifle more business but I 57 Yantaringa Rd Paechtown was distracted waiting for the Dominos (Hahndorf) Pizza boy to arrive for supper to get it all November 2 Register Hotel Dinner down but I will try harder next month at TBA Robert Horn’s register night. December # Deep South Mille Miglia John Tamke has taken to driving the Trial TBA Elfin around the streets again, maybe If you can put these addresses some- the RV8 looks a bit spoofy turning up at where that is convenient it will save a lot the register, but the Elfin certainly emits of stress on my behalf . a great exhaust note as he barrels away That’s about it from me, thanks for turn- from Thane’s quiet neighbourhood, am I ing up and supporting the Register of T right Ian Hobbs ? Types and other Pre-war exotics, its al- Interesting facts ways great fun to “talk the talk” , and The older the MG and its owner get, the one more thing: more they have in common. Yes they You wear your MG cap around not driv- both have a little rot in their sills, they’re ing, every bugger thinks that you are harder to fire up in the morning and their hiding your baldness, wear it in the MG exhaust is a lot more noxious than it hood down then , only 95 % of people used to be. think that. Good to see the boys from the “ Deep Cheers, have a great time next meeting South” Peter and Don up at the meeting and pay attention if it’s not too much to again from Goolwa, a visit is certainly on ask. the radar maybe December in daylight John Kim Bray, Imperial Master of the hours this year. Register of T Types and Pre-war exotic MG’s 11