MG Motoring 2017 June 2017-opt - Page 11

June 2017 wood and Jan brought their red ‘C’ GT all the way from Strathalbyn. And what about Garry Julian’s Sebring, tribute ‘C’? He’s done so much work in such a short time. I heard one woman say she loved the colour of the car, it’s just like velvet and indeed it is. The three Webers look pretty nice too but I expect that that woman would not find them so velvety. long, lens, at Pt Adelaide and Mallala caught a couple of magnificent shots shown here. I looked at Wayne’s large, long, lens and thought it was nearly as long as he is high, but he sure knows how to use it. I’m sure you’ll agree. A great Easter Nat Meet – thanks every- one. Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned, Rich Wayne and Geraldine Hough left their Italian job at home and brought their red ‘C’ GT down to Glenelg to support the MGC’s 50 th . Wayne, wielding his large, Looks balanced, but not in the hairpin turns Yes definitely understeer 9