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MG Car Club of South Australia MGC NEWS MGC conversations by Richard Mixture, June 2017 An Understeering Experience ner in the middle of the main straight, it keeps the interstaters guessing. Then there’s turn five, the northern hairpin. Well this turn was a “double dozy” ac- cording to that nice young fella. “I’m not sure about the rest of the track as it al- ways took time to recover from the northern hairpin” he said. H ello again, it’s Richard here with some exciting news. MGCs un- dersteer! Oh, you already knew that? After many years of reading the under- steer comments by journalist both old and new (yes both the journalist and the articles) that nice young Register Co- ordinator now knows from his Easter experience at Mallala. So the key here is brake late and brake into the turn in order to bring the tail around, but not too much mind you. When he got this technique right in the southern hairpin he gained 5 mph by the time he got down the straight and ar- rived at the northern hairpin. But then there was another problem, he ran out of brakes and the car just kept going in a northerly direction and off into the dirt. Road pads are a wonderful thing for the road. He competed in both the Motorkhana at Pt Adelaide and at the speed event at Mallala. He told me that on the last run of the day at Pt Adelaide, while doing the slalom, he worked out how to turn and head in the opposite direction around the flag at the end of the line. “Coming to the last flag you head out wide,” he said, “touch the brakes and then floor it.” This manoeuvre brings the tail around and took 2.2 seconds off his time, wow, that’s almost a 10% saving. If only he knew that when he started! His major competition was Jason Goff from WA who had three SU carbies, a mild cam and a bit of head work plus a heavier sway bar at the front and one at the back so his car handled a lot better than that young fella’s ‘C’ GT. In fact it was about 7 seconds better. Many years ago our esteemed ‘C’ Co- ordinator raced a historic clubman at Mallala and after some 30 years of not competing he reported that his right foot was as heavy as ever. “ Turn one was easy” he said, although he had an inter- esting chat about the best line with that Formula Three champ, Dean Hosking. “Turn two was hold your breath, ah just managed to keep it on the black stuff” but turn three, he said “was a dozy.” This turn is the southern hairpin which opens out on exit and just as well. When you enter the turn, you head in a southerly direction and then turn quickly to go into a northerly direction but the MGC wants to take you in a westerly direction. Turn four? Well, I always thought it was a good idea to put a cor- Did you have a look at that very nice MGC Roadster? The Melbourne mob call Allan Fabry a polisher and they are right but what a fantastic polisher he is. Allan has won five outright concours wins in six years in the post MG TF pre 1980 class. He competes in all the speed events and still manages to keep his MGC looking beautiful. Mind you he’s only done 6,317 miles since he first registered it in 2010 after completing the restoration. Ron Hutton brought his green ‘C’ GT all the way from Wagga and Mike Green- 8