MG Motoring 2016 - Page 9

July 2016 Barry had no hesitation in offering Andy the same privileges as me for the day, and after the required paper work to allow us to be a “Co-Drivers” for the day had been completed it was time for the action to start. The beautifully prepared Commodore Andy in Barry’s Ute Above Photo courtesy Tony Donoghue Photography 7 Barry’s son Aaron and I were in the Commodore and Barry and Andy in his Holden crew cab Ute (Barry likes the Ute as it is air conditioned so he can keep the windows up and have the Air Con. going). The first lap was slow to allow the drivers to check out the conditions, I can tell you the tracks are pretty rough with very sharp corners. Cars start a one minute intervals, definitely needed to let the dust to settle so as to allow the next driver to see the track. I have been in some very fast race cars but there is nothing that compares with a rally car travelling at 150Kms sideways on a rough dirt road in a Commodore that develops over 800 BHP wound down to 600 BHP to suit the track conditions. There were 45 cars entered on the day ranging from clapped out Datsun 180 B’s, early Magna’s and Honda Civics, especially built buggies and on up to