MG Motoring 2016 - Page 8

MG Car Club of South Australia PRESIDENTS REPORT From.. Allan Semmler The Motor Sport enthusiast amongst us will remember a recent meeting at the club with guest speaker Barry Lowe entertaining us with tales of his rallying experiences. Barry knew Rae and I were in the Engineering Business and a few weeks later he rang to enquire whether the world renowned “Head of Manufacturing” for the Supaloc Racing Team, would consider making some bits for his ridiculously fast Holden Commodore rally car. The parts in question were tie rod ends that he was breaking on a regular basis. It appears that spare parts for old model commodores are manufactured overseas (you can guess where) and while they may suffice for normal road use, are not up to the rigors of rallying. Barry rang me early May and invited me to act as co-driver for round 2 of the Kensington Park Tyre Power Rally Sprint held at the Walkerville Car Club Track, aptly named WALKY PARK which is located between Truro and Blanchetown on the 15th of May. He advised that the roads to the track can be a little dusty and maybe I should consider not driving the Audi. Unfortunately I neglected to take his advice!! (bad idea) The turn off the main road is about 20Kms past Truro on the left hand side. From the turnoff there is approx 25 Kms of very dusty road to reach Walky Park, (I spent the following Friday cleaning enough dirt to top dress the average size lawn from the Audi). I manufactured replacements from high quality 4150 grade steel which I am reasonably confident will stand up to the hammering experienced in a top line rally car. When it came to agreeing on a price for my services I suggested that I would be willing to forgo payment in exchange for a ride as a passenger in his car at a convenient time. Barry was only too pleased to accept my proposition, although, he insisted on paying the cost of the material. ($93.00) I had to purchase a full bar of material so he can bend or break a few, as a bar of material is enough for about 30 tie rod ends, the 10 that I made should keep the car going for a while. back to index If I remember the details correctly, there are 3 tracks on a property of a couple of hundred acres of what can be best described as low scrub, dirt and dust. Credit must be given to the Walkerville club for maintaining this venue, there is a large building used for registration and food preparation etc. along with good toilet and various storage facilities. There are also two graders used for the maintenance of the tracks. I took a very good friend along for the day, Andy Carrol from Pernod Ricard Wines who has supported the MG Club with free wine gift packs used for raffles and gifts for helpers at Kimber Runs etc. 6