MG Motoring 2016 - Page 7

July 2016 Editorial From ..Laurie Houghton Editor I MGCC Clubrooms Monthly General Meetings Held at 8.00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Clubrooms. All those who are interested in MGs are welcome. “Noggin’ & Natter” Every Friday night at the Clubrooms. Time: 7.30 pm - ~ 10.00 pm. All welcome for a chat and a drink. Licensed premises. Tea and coffee available. Register Meetings “T” Reg. First Thursday of each month. Time: 7.00 for 7.30 pm.start. Venues as advertised in Register Report. Everyone welcome - even if you don’t own a Register vehicle. MGF Reg. Last Friday of the month at the clubrooms 7.30pm MGA/Magnette Reg Bi-monthly on the third Thursday of the month, starts Jan in odd numbered months, 7.00 pm for 7.30 Know Your MG Meetings Third Tuesday of each month. Time: 7.00 for 7.30 pm. Start. Venues as advertised.Everyone welcome. said this year was going to be busy and it sure is, and we are only half way through it. Our 60th Anniversary Dinner seats are filling but we would like to see some more members coming, closing date for tickets is the 30th June. The Kimber Run is not doing as well at this point, see the up-date on page 44,hopefully as is normally the case in previous years entries come in just before the closing date. The Anniversary Wines sales could also do with a lift . However the Weekender is nearly fully subscribed. A couple of interesting reports, one of mine from Sandown, some might say why am I reporting on an interstate event, well a couple of local lads were competing. Scott Stephenson gave it a shot at the Aussie Driver Search, a good report by his dad. Need some panel work on your car, perhaps a new paint job, Bill from Prestige Panel Repairs can be your man, see page 47 Breakfast Runs Now Meet at Veale Gardens, CBD South And don’t forget, please Tce. For 9.00am starts. BYO everything for support our sponsors whenever possible breakfast. See Calendar for dates etc; and be sur ѼЁѡ)܁ԁɔ5) ȁ Ո()5]1չIչ)MQ͑䁥ѡѠ)Mѡ)5ѽЁٕ)M5ѽЁIи()Aɥѕ-ݥ-U丁Mİ) ɕɹA鄸؁UIU)AĀ((((0