MG Motoring 2016 - Page 43

July 2016 Among the participants in Scott’s group there was a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience including go-karters, open wheelers, sports cars, etc and drivers ranging from club level to National competition. Rhys Howell from Victoria was competing in Scott’s group. Rhys’s father, Andrew, and grandfather, Neville, are MGCC Vic members and Andrew originally built my Honda Civic. The Marulan track is a tight winding track with several elevation changes, some cambered corners and a long uphill straight to the finish line. Great for driver training but you couldn’t race a full grid of V8 utes on it! As Scott was one of the earliest runners this may have been a good car in which to start as it had ABS and traction control, although maybe both too sensitive, to assist while Scott came to grips with the track and the car. He managed to acquit himself well and only caused Tim to jump once when the car stepped out through turn 2. Scott thoroughly enjoyed the car and finished with a huge grin, as always. For the morning session there were three V8 utes, a Toyota 86 and a Nissan Pulsar to be shared among 22 “Professional” competition drivers and groups of ”Rookies” and “Amateur” drivers. The day was well managed with drivers rotated through the cars efficiently as a mechanic was assigned to changing drivers and transponders between cars as required. The drivers’ briefing was very emphatic that if you lock up or spin you may as well go home! Scott wasn’t worried until that was said. Given the conditions we did not see any spins, some close to it, and quite a few lock ups but nobody left the track. After a short wait he was slotted into the Nissan Pulsar alongside Terry Nightingale who races in the Dunlop Development series on a drying track. As the track dried there remained several wet areas among the shaded sections so it was never really dry. The Pulsar series is active on the East Coast and these are largely standard Pulsars with controlled modifications, e.g. locked diff, and are mar- Scott’s first session was in the Toyota 86 which is owned and raced by Tim Brook in the Toyota 86 series where he finished second in the first round of 2016. Tim was the instructor/assessor in the car. 41