MG Motoring 2016 - Page 37

July 2016 many other matters concerning the MGA. All supplied mounting base plates must be used as per installation instructions. Naturally, I can take no responsibility in any unfortunate outcomes that may arise from following the procedure outlined in installing the belts, below, and it is at your risk if you install them yourself. However, without three point seat belts, you are at considerable potential peril every time you venture out onto the road in an MGA. In my installation, the top mounting is into the tonneau panel as per the workshop manual. The body has a "sandwich" reinforcement (outer plate of similar size and thickness to match the inner plate supplied with safety belts) for the top mounting and a quick release on the outer side connection point (otherwise, the belt has to be unbolted to allow the hood to be raised). The quick release mechanism consists of a 5 tonne strength "D" shackle (10 mm thick stainless steel) and a right angle mild steel bracket (6 mm thick by 50 mm wide by 50 mm high and 40 mm across) to couple to the floor mounting. Note, a piece of nylon cord is tied around the "D" shackle bolt to prevent an embarrassing loss of the shackle bolt when operating the "quick release" mechanism, probably in the rain with the passenger expressing his or her disapproval with this additional delay in raising the hood. Estimated to increase the time spent by 10% - one extra minute in ten minutes, to release and reconnect both sides! The floor mounting points have been chosen for maximum strength and are located where the steel frame encircles the wooden floor. The outer fixing is bolted through the corner plate immediately in front of the front bush of the rear leaf spring using the rear most screw hole as a guide and drilled out to 12 mm. The inner fixing is bolted through the rear most screw hole by the transmission tunnel, again after being drilled out to 12 mm. Note that if choosing a stiff buckle stalk, do no t chose the shortest length without first checking (those in the Klippan series are too short for comfort unless each seat is as far back as the adjustment allows). The top mount can be fixed to the top surface of the inner mudguard with a minor compromise to occupant safety (collarbones may be broken in a severe accident). Ideally, the top mount should be high enough to ensure the belt line for mounting point to shoulder is horizontal. This is only possible if the factory recommended location is used, as per below. That requires the tonneau panel to be pierced and may be considered spoiling the finish. Not quite so bad if a full length tonneau cover is fitted, as the mounting bolts are covered by fabric. I hope this is helpful. Regards, Geoff Goode 35