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MG Car Club of South Australia HISTORIC REGISTRATION NEWS From..Geoff Goode HISTORIC VEHICLE REGISTRATION BAY TO BIRDWOOD RUN AND MOUNTING THREE POINT SEAT BELTS IN THE MGA MODEL The following explanation is one that I gave to a fellow MGA owner on what I consider the best way to mount three point safety belts. ust a brief note with regard to historic registration and your obligations as the vehicle owner: if your registration is renewed during the year, you do not have to bring your rego papers into the club rooms to be stamped. Just enter the dates into the forth coming year in your log book. Your blue rego forms will be stamped and details recorded by the club in the annual January / February log book update period. That is the time to bring your statutory declaration form to maintain your historic registration. The stat dec is required regardless of whether or not you require a new log book and vehicle re-inspection. I presume you have an MGA roadster 1500 or 1600, 1600 Mk2's have the mounting-points factory installed. Whichever model, I recommend static belts as they will hold you firmly in place. This is essential in a car that has so little space between yourself and the dashboard/windscreen if a crash occurs. Modern cars have pretensioning systems that work in conjunction with the seatbelt retractors. J Unless you are fairly competent at mounting these safety items, I would suggest you use Wiltshire as they will give you an outcome that would considered complying with current safety standards - as much as is possible for these old cars. The method I used is described below, I chose to mount the upper belt ends on the tonneau panel as this is the best point of departure, from mount to shoulder (within 15 degrees from the horizontal), and was initially specified by the factory for roadsters until the 1600 Mk2 model. A section at the back of the factory workshop manual shows the exact location of the mounting points. These are available from the USA and I know a club member who can help in sourcing them, if you wish. Let me know if you wish to proceed down this path. Also, the MGAGURU website of Barney Gaylord is a good source for opinions on where to mount the belts, and BAY TO BIRDWOOD A reminder, the Bay to Birdwood Run this year includes all vehicles produced up to 31 December 1959. Therefore, most MGAs and Magnettes are included. Please consider entering this year as you will miss out next year. These cars will not be eligible for the 2017 Bay to Birdwood Run the commencement date for entry will be from 1 January 1960. SEAT BELTS IN AN MGA Whilst on the subject of MGAs, recently, I was asked how one might best mount a pair of three point safety belts in the MGA model. 34