MG Motoring 2016 - Page 29

July 2016 “The SUV! ... you’re not taking the SUV!” I can’t imagine the Chinese owners of MG, SAIC, making a new two door, two s eat c on ver t ib le (unless there’s export money in it). I’ll be corrected by Inspector Buckley but the idea of going for a run in a car around Shanghai just for the sheer pleasure of driving just doesn’t seem to be part of the Chinese culture. Can you imagine a Chinese man saying to his wife “I’m just going for a run in the rickshaw dear”? No? Although a nice run in a rickshaw might be a healthier option! I guess it depends on whether you have your own runner or you have to do the running yourself. The way to go! Personally I think I’ll just stick to taking my MGC for a run in the Adelaide Hills! Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned, Rich The new MG GS is promoted by Benedict Cumberbatch and has the Tower Bridge and Tower of London in the back ground and some funny squiggles down the bottom 27