MG Motoring 2016 - Page 28

MG Car Club of South Australia MGC NEWS H MGC mutterings from Richard Mixture, July 2016 ello, it's Richard here again. Now the Director General of Indoor Duties or ‘she who must be obeyed’ as Rumpole use to say, won’t go anywhere without her little RAA card or plastic as it has now become. Clearly she doesn’t trust my abilities in the automotive department to get her out of any sticky road side problems! But ... maybe it’s just those nice young RAA gentlemen who can attend to her needs. During 2001 to 2005 the Phoenix Group not only produced the ‘F’s and ‘TF’s at Longbridge but also sporting saloons with the MG badge on the bonnet. In fact today the hatch version, the ZR, is popular in the UK with young lads with only a couple of hundred pounds in their pocket. With the popularity of touring car races these days, I wonder whether these young drivers think that all sports cars have four doors and four seats and that two door sports cars are just a bit vintage. Well, the ‘SA Motoring’ arrived the other day, you know the Royal Automobile Association magazine, and I noticed a green sticker on the cover that said ‘Australia’s Best Cars, Winners inside’. Well, I flicked the pages over and the best small car under $35k was Korean, over $35 was German, best micro car, Japanese, best light car, Korean, best medium car under $50k, Korean, best medium car over $50k, German, best sports car under $50k ... best sport car! I better read this. I looked for a photo and I could not see a sports car until I realised their Best Sports Car photo was a four door, four seat Ford Focus! And what was the best sports car over $50 you might ask? It was a four door, four seat Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG! The rest of the ‘best’ cars were Korean, Japanese and a Swede! Not an Australian car to be seen. Do you think there’s a trend here? Will the next MG sports car, the Chinese one, be an SUV? That Benedict Cumberbatch fellow is advertising the new MG GS and looking a little like a 007 character but the MG GS is hardly an Aston is it Bazz? Why do so many cars these days look like 4WDs or SUVs, including the best sports cars selected by the SA Motor? What does SUV stand for anyway? Is it Stupid Ugly Vehicle? I’m sure many of you have pulled up at a T junction in your MG and have had to wait for a Stupid Ugly Vehicle to get out of the way before you see whether it is safe to proceed. I guess in China SUVs are the only car designs that the locals have ever seen, other than more normal cars that just look like SUVs. It’s just what is available over there as the automobile is a newish concept to them. These days many youngsters throughout the automotive world have grown up thinking that SUVs are the new “Kingswood”. Can you imagine a telly program called the SUV Country? I must be a little old fashioned but I thought a sports car only had two doors and two seats and are convertible! The last MG to fit this definition left the factory over 10 years ago. 26