MG Motoring 2016 - Page 26

MG Car Club of South Australia Robert Horn gave a brief rundown on his cars, members are most welcome to drop in and talk to him about anything if they like, he has many spares including eleven round TF tail lights if you are running short, it’s an interesting story as to how they came about. TD MC Nabb did some “ forensic” work on Robert’s TD checking the identification, chassis and engine numbers as you do. According to TD the car was built on a Tuesday after a long weekend in November 1951, that is why it is so good. The car has some features of a later model which is interesting. The paintwork is the original colour , the first of the metallic style paint we are told by Robert Horn confirmed also by Laurie Foody who also donned a dust coat for the forensics. Don Walker is contemplating acquiring another TC, he feels lonely without one to drive around in. Thankyou to Terry Wright and TD for taking photographs for the magazine and website. There is a very strong rumour that we will be invited to the lair of the serial pest, who I might add has been behaving exceptionally well of late, to Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley during daylight hours for a register meeting and viewing of the famous Neilson TC under renovation & restoration in 2017. Only a rumour at this stage but momentum is growing. Future meetings. Hopefully July will be at David & Joy Pearson’s, Suffolk Road Hawthorndene on 7 July. August is not finalised however it may be on a Friday night at the MG CC clubrooms to assist the club with the bar trade, this will be confirmed but please keep it in mind. Some members are unable to come on a Thursday I am told. Finally, the wrap up. Thanks again to Robert & Bev, I really hope that we get to go back again sometime, it was a great experience. Winter is just about on us but do not let that deter you, the meetings are still fun and you get to wear those WW2 flying jackets, helmets, goggles and funny furry hats like Ian Hobbs. 24