MG Motoring 2016 - Page 25

July 2016 3. The Hong Kong Cricket Club are handing out new jockey hats, Terry Wright loves them! 4. Russell Garth got a blow job in the TF, hair that is, hood down on a cold night, well done son. 5. Maurice “Mozza” Linehan with his twin, Thany Martino, cannot observe the 40K speed limits. 6. The TC twins have both resorted to hoods up it seems leaving Russ truly out in the cold. Bob Schapel gave us a report on the Historic Racing at Winton, accompanied by Terry Wright and Ian Buckley he said, apparently Bob did ok in his class but suffered from “low boost”. I am not sure that he was talking about the TC, probably had something to do with the prolific wine consumption that goes with the territory when all three of them get together. 7. Ian Curly-Walker has resorted to UBER, two cars called to collect him for the meeting ! Arthur Ruddyger reported on a racing 1948 TC special with history for sale, price unknown as yet. 9. Someone tell Terry Wright that we are a Car Club, not a foreign Chinese Cricket Club. July 9th is MGCC, 60 years anniversary dinner, Table lists and tickets, see Geraldine Hough. Bazzica has some old TC cylinder heads to give away free, one with valves in good nick is $100. Items of considerable interest. 8. The Imperial Master apologises to TD McNabb for calling supper early, too long to wait really. 10.Paul Doc Dallwitz won the lucky member prize on the night, nice man bag to take home. 11.What about that 1939 TB of Robert’s, wonderful ambience and patina on the original body. 1. Arthur is off to Belfast to join the IRA in the MMM Rally, hooked a ride in a J2 midget. 12. It’s Linehan, Linehan, Linehan, just making sure that I get it right for you Mozza. 2. AC Pearson went to NZ with his lovely wife, got distr acted by a VA MG, how nice. Now seriously. 23