MG Motoring 2016 - Page 24

MG Car Club of South Australia PRE-WAR & T REGISTER From...John Bray 2 June 2016 Robert and Beverly Horn Clarence Park CORNUCOPIA , THE HORN OF PLENTY F rom the latin, cornu copiae or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance, ( MG’s) and nourishment, commonly a large container ( garage workshop) overflowing with products (cars) flowers or nuts and in this case car parts and many other things to delight the senses of vision and smell. On behalf of the register, I would sincerely thank Robert and Beverly on the success of their maiden register night at their home, Beverly for the marvellous supper, Robert for presenting his “cornucopia” garage in great condition with the brace of MGT’s that one auspicious member describes as “horny” ( please excuse the pun Robert), no doubt that you can guess who that might be, however the self appointed secretary of the TD register will get a mention later. 42 signed in and there were 14 T register vehicles present, not all in the garage though. Apologies In keeping with the theme , there were plenty. Geoff Glasson (again), David Leibbrandt , Goldy and Ronnie Jellet, Mike Greenwood, Mike Lyons, Roland Harris-Tweed, David & Joy Pearson, Kenny Fisher, Stan Shepherd ( hospital,bad leg) and two from the Monaco GP Andrew Willington & plumber Trevor Driver. 22 It has been rumoured that Willington & Driver were in the Red Bull shed when Riccardo’s tyres went missing during the GP ,funny about that. Visitors Chris and Heather Bennett, proud new owners of a TF under restoration attended the meeting, hopefully they will join as members, photos of the car look great. General Business. Dean Hosking opened the batting with a compliment bestowed on Rod O’Malley and his team at MG Sales & Service, service being the operative word here, well done Rod great to hear that and well deserved. Put a big smile on the face of the old bloke in the corner, eh Reg ?