MFW June 2013 - Page 34

The 66th Nationals at Carterton MFNZ Council are looking at a revised format for the Nationals but this should not affect the Vintage Contest programme. The Vintage Contest programme has yet to be worked up but should be similar to the last North Island Nationals with the addition of RC Classical Duration classes for both IC and E classes as notified in the April 2013 MFW. The Thames Blackfeet Vintage Rally at Ngatea April 28th. Flying on the Saturday was cancelled in advance due to forecasted strong winds and rain. This was a sound call. Hence, the contest was flown on just one day, which made for some concentrated flying – 110 flights were recorded. Given the limited time, several contestants opted to not fly all rounds but to participate in more classes. Two regulars were missing due to conflict with another event (Pylon Racing!!!) on the Sunday. Conditions were generally good, although blustery in the middle of the day. Lift was rare and weak. Nevertheless, this was another very enjoyable day of vintage and classical flying. Some of the highlights: • Vintage Precision was strongly contested between Rex Anderson and Don Mossop • Rex also topped Vintage IC Duration – very good flying • John Butcher’s energy was again rewarded, with four wins this time • 1/2E Texaco had good entries, with three people maxing • The E Rubber Texaco models look superb in the air – it will be good to see more of them soon • IC Tomboy saw three flights over 7 minutes. The use of the Thames Blackfeet site is again gratefully acknowledged – and special thanks to the Martin and Paul Evans for their hospitality. Full results of both the above events are available with the AVANZ News the Vintage Newsletter (see above) NDC Calendar for 2014 NDC events for 2014 have yet to be proposed but will most likely be the same as those for this year. If any member would like to have a change of month for any event please contact the Vintage Secretary. Vintage Newsletter A Vintage Newsletter (AVANZ News) is available by E-mail FREE to all MFNZ members by contacting the Vintage SIG Secretary. This Newsletter comes out every 2 months with details of Vintage models, events and ideas. Vintage E-mail list The Vintage SIG has an e-mail list that contacts those MFNZ interested in Vintage model flying, keeping them up to date with Vintage model affairs if you wish to be added to this list please contact the Vintage SIG Secretary by e-mail at Contest News Two RC Vintage events have been held during the last period. The JR Airsail sponsored meet at their Pukekawa site on March 23 / 24th. This was another excellent weekend of Vintage and Classical flying. Forty-nine models were flown in the contests and 150 flights were recorded. Several others flew just in the rally. The weather was warm and dry. On Saturday, the breeze was variable with strong lift and severe sink that caught the unwary, including yours truly! Sunday there was a steady easterly breeze and more reliable lift. It was great to welcome new people – David Thornley with a majestic large Bomber, Tony Gribble in electric, and Keith Trillo with a Tomboy. Vintage Precision and IC Duration both had strong entries and very close scores at the top. The IC Texa ͕́ݕɔѱݸչչѕݼ́ݕɔЃL) эˊéI āՔѼЁѕ͡аɅՉ͕ՕЁݥɅ5é ɽЁݡ݅́Ё͕ɕѥٕ䁡չȁՐYхɥ́ɽݥݥѠٔɥ́Ʌѥѕɽ́ѡQᅍ̸͕QļQᅍəɵ́ݕɔɽLȁɥ́ᕐѡѽݼ䵽ѥ́ݕɔٕȀЁѕ̸ḛѡɔٕ݅́䁝Ёɽչ) эˊéɥЁݥѠٕ͵5́չ`̰ѡȁ ͥɅѥѽݥѠȁ% ݼɥMٕɅݕɔѡͥѥЁѡȁɽ́Ʌհ̃LمAéѡɕɝL̰ѕѡ́ѡЁѡݽձaѼٔѡ͗dQٕ݅́ձȃLɕɑѥ́ЁЁݼѡ́ݕɔݸЁѡɅ()Yх9хٕ)I ́ɕЁYх9хٕ́ѡ]ѼɕɥѠ5Ѡɕձ́ɕ́ݕɔЁمЁ5\ѥЁɕ́ݕɔѡЁѡɔ݅́() ٕ) A5YхI ́єMչѠMѕȀ́YՔ1٥5 她ͥєQɅՄI1٥Q兴ٕI YхɅѥ% YхI Aɕͥ% I Qᅍ% I ļQᅍļQᅍ х )M䀠Ф䁽Ȁܤ܁Q)%ɅMYM%ͽѥݥѠ!ѽ5 QɅ4 %єMչѠMѕȀ́Ѐ䁅YՔMѽ́ɴ]ѼȁѕɹєٕՔɕٕYMAɕͥȁYMͥ= хձЁȁAɔɅѥQI х 典1ٕ́!͍́ ЁÍA䤀؀ȁ兹}ٕ́Ʉ((0