MFW June 2013 - Page 33

Vintage SIG Committee Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer: Committee: Wayne Cartwright Hamilton Graham Main Whangarei Rex Bain Hamilton Gary Burrows Christchurch Allan Knox Blenheim Bernard Scott Hamilton John Selby Wellington Mark Venter Christchurch Vintage Secretary contact address on page 5 of this MFW Vintage Rules The Committee is currently reviewing the engine run times and types for the RC IC Duration Class, with a possible Remit being put forward for the next AGM to be held at the 2014 Nationals. If any change is proposed it will be notified in the September 2013 issue of the MFW. Check those model weights. Competitors are reminded that there is a weight rule for all the Radio Controlled Vintage and Classical classes. The Vintage/Classical IC RC rule 6.1.8 and the Vintage /Classical Electric RC rule 7.1.8 state the “Minimum Wing loading is 8 oz/sq.ft.” The Wing Area is calculated as per General Rule 4.5 as follows WING AREA CALCULATION Where rules call for an area calculation, the following shall apply: a. Wingspan. The distance from tip to tip without considering dihedral. (i.e. as it appears on the plan.) b. Tip Shape. No allowance made for rounded or tapered tips. c. Constant Chord. Area of constant chord wings is =Chord x Wingspan d. Tapered or Elliptical Area for tapered or elliptical wings (where either or both leading or trailing edge taper from the wing root or fuselage junction): Area = Chord at 25% of wingspan (measured from C/L) x Wingspan. Note: The weight rule does not apply to the Tomboy Postal event or RC Vintage E Rubber Texaco or FF events Wayne Cartwright with his RC electric Nig Nog Evan Pimm launches his IC powered enlarged Tequila RC Classical model Vintage RC Duration. ROG rule revision. With the revisions made to the RC Rules over the past period the old Vintage rule for IC Duration that all models over 60 inch span must ROG has been deleted. For all RC Classes the model may ROG or be Hand Launched, this will be of benefit to those pylon jobs that are hard to ROG in any breeze Classical RC Duration at the 2014 Nats The RC Classical classes (IC and E) will be flown at the next Nats. At right you should see some pictures of Classical models flown at recent North Island events. If you are interested Wayne Cartwright has more details. Contact Wayne at Don Mossop (right) with his electric Lanzo Bomber and his Timer Pat Munro at the Ngatea meet