MFW June 2013 - Page 31

Once again the site was absolutely fabulous thanks to all the hard work put in by Don and Andrew with help from Rod, Robert, & Alec. I arrived on Thursday and spent about 30 minutes sweeping the tarmac, everything else was already done. Some of us managed to test fly in the afternoon. Practice was Friday and also a chance to fly as much as possible of NASS Sport Jet. This was to save some time over Sat and Sun because we knew we had good entries in most other classes. We also wanted to fly Classic F2C and F2F. Saturday started with Saturdays flying started with the Half A Team Race which only got to the first pit stop before the GREMLINS arrived. Ian Thompson and Grant Potter didn’t start the second heat so they were out. Brendan changed models but still didn’t finish a race. The final was a good race with only 9 seconds separating the 2 models which was also the time difference between the same two models in the heat. There was very little wind which of course suits these sweet little models. Both models were powered by Barny’s little motors. What is going to happen when these motors wear out. F2C Team Race. The premier International event had the 2008 World Champion pitman from Australia Grant Potter with his father Geoff flying. Ian Thompson had a model that I think he bought off the internet, then fitted it with what he called a Lerner/lerner motor. This was not the top of the line motor but boy did it go. Andrew and Don flew. Adrian and Graeme teamed up so we had 4 entries. The two fast times were awesome to watch. I am not sure which race it was but Ian shut off a bit late and also had to overfly Grant who was pitting one segment behind. He basically landed the model into Rods hand. How Rod hung onto it I don’t know but it got a round of applause from everybody. They also set a new NZ record. The Potters time was only 6 seconds slower. It was also good to see Graeme and Adrian flying some F2C. Class B Team Race. No flash times here but great to see Adrian’s new Classic B go 10 seconds quicker than in his race in Hamilton 2 weeks ago. He used a hotter fuel but he thinks that the Enya 29 twin ball bearing motor still needs a lot more running to get the best out of it for Class B. His next problem that I see is keeping it slow enough for Classic. I had fitted a smaller venturi to the X29 to try and extract a few more laps per tank in the hope that I can complete a final on 3 ta ][]ۙH]]HX] \ˈ]X܈Z[H[XH[\Z[ˈYH\H[[ˈؙ\Y&][\H\XH܈\[HXۙXKH\XۙXH\ۛH Xۙ\[Z\\XKܘY[Yx&\XۙXH\ۙH[H[Z[]\\\[\\XKX[YH\\ܘ\H\XH\ۛHۈݙ\ L \\H[[ [^x&\X[\Y]YX\ LH[Y\\\[\܈] H[Y[Y\][Z[ۈۈHܘ\ˈZ[[YH[Y\ˈ]H[Y\][H[[  MXۙ]Y[ \[ ][HX][]H[[[Y\ˈ Xۙ]Y[ \[ ܙ \\HHܙX]][܈H^\۸&]]XZ[[ ܈\H]Y\ˈ\YX\H\[ܝ[][Hܘ\Y\^H\YXXHۈY^H[ݙ\[HXܚ]HٙKH[܈\X\YH^H]\HRH MH\\YH[H[[[Y\XWH[\[ܜ\ܛKHYH\H[[XX[H]\\^x&\\XZ[[[]H KHHXYH\[\YHY^H[]X^HY]H]ۛXܜ[ܝYYY[܈[K^HYZ\[X^H\H\]K[HX]ؙ\Y]]Y\\[H[XKܘY[YHYHHY\HXY\^H[\ۈ[[ˈY][YH\[HX]ܘ[XYYH܈YK[[\[XYHX[ܘY[YBۈ]]وH^H[ K̐B[]Y܈[ٙ^H[[\[H\]HH K؈[XHY\[؛[\[H\]ȞKYH]ZX[YH[]H\\YH[ KX[\][\Y [[\\[X]HH[[]H[[ [\Y[H[YH]H\[ۈو^H[[\[ٙH]][Y[ٙ[ܘY[YKH]HYH[ˈ\[YHYY\H\][܈H^H[H\[YH]\X] &X]\[܈H^ \ˈ[ܝ[][HHوHX[HXH^\YYHY&]]HHو[HY܈[Z[ˈHY\\ K [ \[\H]ˈ\HY]ۛHۙHوH[][\ و\HHYY\[]&\Yو MZ[\\\HܚZ^HH\[[\[][ۈ\H[[]ZXˈH[H\H[و[H[]HY[[&\HXH\ HܙX]^H[\ٙHX[\YZ[وZ[ˈH[\H\X] و\Y]H[[HX[\[HYHY[\[ ]\^HYHY[\ܙX]][[]YY[[]\K܈HHH[]\[[YKYYY\\X[X[\YX[܈\[HYݙ\[YH]HY[܈\[ [[H\H]XYYˈ[[HH\܈Z[ݙ\HY^HH]\ˈ[[H^[܈܈Z[ݙ\H\ؘ[HH]\ˈ[[H[[YHH[[YYH[Z[[\[[ˈY][HY\\H\[ٙ\X[\HZXܛۙH[[[H[HZ\Z[X\]YK][Z\][ۜܜXXXZ\]X\Y\܈]\XHKH[H\H\H\[ܙHY[H^\]\[&]\H]\HYH[[H]\XH[Y