MFW June 2013 - Page 27

Second round of North Island Series 2013 was held in the central north island forestry town of Tokoroa during the second weekend of April. To get to the field on time we hit the road minutes before 6AM. The dawning sky changed every second with a sea of clouds looking towards Meremere plain on top of Bombay Hill resulting in quite a “middle earth” like scenery. “This is going to be a fabulous weekend”, we told ourselves as we left Auckland. Just as we approached Tokoroa, the morning fog finally dissipated after driving under it for two and a half hours. As if reserved by Wayne R., crystal blue sky, the sort that you see in winter Nelson warmly received us at Tokoroa airstrip. I was the last pilot arrived that day, barely on the clock, only managed a few quick hellos before we all got rounded up for briefing. The pilot register was quite a list, with pilots from all corners of North Island, as far north as Whangarei , Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taupo and Wellington. As Tokoroa airstrip was an active full size airstrip, Wayne detailed the procedure when radio got cracking and/or when manned aircraft was sighted. The radio did get busy couple of times but since they sounded Martian we regarded them as static in both cases nevertheless still remain vigilant to any full size activity. We got enough interests in Sportsman, F3C and 3DNZ. All categories have at least 4 entries making it quite meaningful. The category with most entries was the Sportsman as this is the NZMF HeliSIG category that prepares pilots into more advanced category, such as F3C or 3DNZ. Competitions got underway shortly past 9:30am, First round was rather difficult though it was windless but the sun was at 11 o’clock high making depth perception difficult and competition nerve made it worse, when I finished the top pirouette of Dimond 3, my heli was literal right over head of me. Funny that heli was much easier to see at that position. Everyone tic-toed through this round. 3D guys did their 2 minutes freestyle off to the right and only bring their helis back to the square for landing. Lunch was burger and sausage cooked by Julie and Wayne. That burger was quite notable, slice of beetroot and onion ring made it luxurious but one only needed to part a big gold coin for it. Competition nerves disappeared with the saucies and burgers. Side dishes were the chitchats. With full stomachs and the sun moved behind us, second round started shortly past two. A little breeze was present to cool us down from the competition heat. Level of flying went up many steps, manoeuvres were centred, stops were definite and smiles returned to our faces. First day و\]][ۈۘYY]  H\^]\YHH[[H YHY[ [وܝX[[[Y]H ^\]ZXH]Y]YY\X\[HK[][\[HH\H[Z[Y\Y\YX]8)\[Z[\HY\ BX[\YH[]Y\[\܈ZYN[[[Y\X[[Z\[ۈ۝N]\8&]8&B[\[HH]\وYNH]\YX\HY Z\[H[\X[[]]]^[x&\[[[\ܝ[KHܝ[]HXYH\\]][ۈ[H[X[YH\[وˈۈ[^K]\[[ۙH^H[ܛH]]Z\\[\YZ[[[ܘH]ܞ\[YHKH\][\\H]]\[[H^H[X[\[]YHY\H^Y\ˈH[[[[[\^H\Y[Y H][وZ[\\[][]YX[Y[ۙ][ۋ]\H\[[\H\[Xˈ\\H[H\[܈\HܙX[Z[YH\XZ[[\Y\[Y\][XYHx)\]][ۈ\]Y][Y[\[[YY[H[][K[\]Y[Hو][وZ[و\[ YZ[Z[\]\]\K]\٘X[ۈۈHY\ۙH[[HوXY][Y[\][H][ [[[\]Y]YY\[\[\[YY \]][ۏZHHZH][ܙH\[Y\]\]X[Z[ܝ[]Y\ˈYH[H[[Z[ۈB