MFW June 2013 - Page 22

This year we suggested any pilots not involved take their lunch break at 1.30 – 2.30 in order to minimise any 'lost flying opportunity'. However none seemed to, and indeed many were pleased at the opportunity to participate and demonstrate their skills and models to the 200+ spectators who gathered. The show was extremely well received by the spectators and collective sounds of delight and amazement were expressed as well as significant applause at the conclusion of each of the scheduled acts. The schedule was tight with suitable commentary, and was completed in the precise 60 minute time frame. Surely a great way of showcasing great models, significant piloting skills, the SCMAC, and what a great hobby/sport aero modelling can be. Monday dawned cold and damp and not really suitable for flying activity, so the cleaning and field clearance took place, and we look forward to 2013. Charles Vincent Life Member SCMAC AIRSHOW OPENING FLY-PAST B17 B25 Paul Spinoglio Andrew Palmer Act 1a: The Beginning (Almost everyone made a paper dart) R/C Dart Coreflute Electric Act 1b: Chuck Gliders 2x 10 year old boys randomly picked from spectators – Liam and Peter flew the Gliders and took them home. Act 1c: Discus Glider Launch. Spectacular. John Shaw (Timaru), lead by part of the World Champion Team in this discipline. Act 1d: Electric Glider - self launch. No towlines or bungees/winches Quiet and effortless Act 2: Control line Stunt & Scale