MFW June 2013 - Page 21

The pressure was on to finish the container shelter and new 'Porta Com' toilet facilities to be ready for this event. Significant work, mostly by Club Members with assistance from specialist outside contractors saw this project completed 'Just in time.' With the fitting of windows, ranch slider doors, kitchen facilities, carpet laid, exterior concreted pad/deck and painting completed, a job well done and credit to all concerned. Next job, proceed with the usual pre-event field preparation including setting the field up for catering, pits, parking and ensuring safety for all participants and visitors to the site. The first out of town guests arrived and set up camping facilities 'on site' for the weekend on Friday afternoon. Saturday dawned fine and the SCMAC Team welcomed pilots from Dunedin, Waimate, Ashburton and Christchurch with flying starting at 10am. The usual continuous tea and coffee, free to pilots and helpers, seemed appreciated as was the sausage sizzle for lun Z[^\ˈYH\Z[Y[[Z]HH]HH۝[[\X[Hو\]ܜ [\Y[H[YH[[[YZ[Y]H^[[[[\^YYۈHܛ[[[HZ\XY]HXݙHZYNX\NHY]‚[^H]ۙY[\X\[YYH[ ܈X]Y\[[]Y[ZY\[Z[YX[ [][YY ]\Z\ܘY\H۝[[\H[HZ\HYY\H][[[Y[X\]\[ LH[Yݙ\[ۙ][ۜۈH[][Y]ۚXH[Y\H]\YHY[\ݙY[HۙH\XXZ\YYY\[Y] KK[HXY\]Hܝ[]K