MFW June 2013 - Page 16

Our goal is to facilitate the development of Sponsors. pilot skills within New Zealand through the This event saw the richest sponsored prize pool in NHMC History; Ranging from Scenic Helicopter ride, Helicopter Kits, spirit of friendly competition, by providing Helicopter Body kits, vouchers, Engrave stainless steel coffee an annual event held at our Kumeu flying mugs, Rotors Blades, Battery chargers. It was not possible site for those wishing to participate in the without the generosity of our sponsors….we thank you in the spirit of our Hobby. sport of flying R/C Helicopters & have fun in the process. Our event sponsors were: Greetings All; Just a quick rundown on how the day panned out on Sunday 10th March 2013. The Ross Harvey Challenge event is NHMC’s way of remembering the late Ross Harvey. Ross was president of Northern Helicopter Modellers Club for several years before his tragic Death in 1993 while flying the police Eagle Helicopter over Auckland city….. Sunday 10th; the stage was set well before pilots arrived with predictions of light winds blue skies all Day…. Pilot’s Briefing. Pilot’s briefing touched on safety & pilots awareness of other pilots while flying, First Aid Kit situated, introducing of First Aid Medic (Don Barker) etc. Then SteveN & SteveF described the format of the six games, (a game to suit everyone) Pilots enter any one of the six games set out and then can win one of the major prizes…it’s that easy!! ETA of the full size R44 Helicopter was announced; let’s not forget the lovely Red Bull girls arrival time mid-Day. Red Bull Girls can multi task…eat ice-blocks when experiencing a FPV flight, courtesy from Ian H. Pilots were treated to what “NHMC Do Best” at our World famous flying site in Kumeu, Free BBQ, Free Drinks and Free Ice-creams. Pilots consumed 4Doz sausages, 3Doz Icecreams to top it all off 4Doz Ice cold Drinks on one of the hottest Days in March 2013. The Games were designed for maximum fun & safety in mind. After a very buzzy 4hrs of judging it came down to one point separating the top three pilots in each class. Ross Harvey Challenge was not about winning, it was about having fun. Hobby Station; East Tamaki (Wilson) Hobby City; Panmure & North Shore. (Daroish) RC Hobbies; South Auckland (Daryl) Hangar-one; Tauranga. (Peter) Jet Centre; Warkworth. (Paul) RC-Link; Wairau Valley North Shore (Luey) NHMC; Kumeu West Auckland. Companies look forward to reciprocating business….plans are in place for a repeat challenge next year… with sponsors already indicating their commitment to support this event next year….things can only get Bigger & Better… All 4now SteveN Check out Ross Harvey Challenge Video on w w w. r c h e l i c l u b . c o . n z o r N H M C y o u t u b e s i t e . youtubercheliclubNHMC Steve N: EC135. Jetcat mechanics,Turbine powered Heli, “Sir Shrek” at the helm of his carbon fibre turbine powered skateboard.