MFW June 2013 - Page 11

Pic 4. is the finished job still clamped in the top of the frame. Pic 7. shows a simple vac forming unit for small to medium use. (The item here is the inner surface of the Nose Leg Door of the Vamp – note it is from Aluminum filled Epoxy). The vacuum source is a vacuum cleaner plugged into the side. If you happened to have a vacuum pump with a tank then a bigger box would allow you to do bigger mouldings. Pic 5. is as cut from the sheet This system features a separate, hinged frame for clamping the plastic which is best heated in the oven. (Y HYYX]\\[[\K\Y[\HوHX][[[]H[HH]\٘XܞH\[܈X[\؜ˈHY\H\]HX][H[[H[YH]]ٝ[Y\X\\Y\[Hۈݙ\H\X[\[HY\\[[HX][HH\ ؝[\H]ܚ[[\\]\\[Hܙ\و N Y\ݙ\]\Hܛ[[ݙ\\HYX[ HH\\Y[وYH[\\[Y[H[ZHۛ[ܙHX]HX]\܈[H\]Z\H[[H[۝XYH]ܛ[YۙK˛ X^XH][\[8'[[\'HۈHX]KX \HX[][XHۈH[[