MetroVan Independent News October 2015 - Page 15 October 2015 15 Lifestyle/entertainment Places, Faces & Amazes NBA Broadcasters Paul Jones and Sherman Hamilton at the Raptors Training Camp. Toronto Raptors at Training Camp in Burnaby, BC. Photos by MetroVan Independent News Papa Bear Legaspi & Star Bernardo host Ely Buendia concert. Photo by Diones Lago R Guerrero and the Kathara Society performance at NEXT DAY BETTER. NEXT DAY BETTER speakers Kei Baritugo (Founder & Agency Director of Bold Love Communications), Alden E. Habacon (Director Intercultural Understanding Strategy), Theresa Fresco (Program Coordinator, Water and Water Resources), JR Guerrero (Co-founder of Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective Society). New Democrat Burnaby –Loughheed MLA, Jane Shin presenting certificates of recognition to members of KALIPI, FilipinoCanadian Association of South Peace Region. Burnaby RJ Aquino, moderator of the first NEXT DAY BETTER NEXT DAY BETTER Food Tasting featured chefs and restaurants presenting their latest culinary AnnaMae Abia, curator of NEXT DAY BETTER. creations. Photos by MetroVan Independent News Vancouver during the panel discussion. Partying with the Luisa Marshall Band are Winnie Chan, Nelly Smith, Sal Tjandra and his friends, Ester Jordan. Luisa Marshall as TINA during her highly successful 2015 BC Fall Tour. Photos by Simply the Best - The Luisa Marshall Show Luisa meets, greets and signs autographs at the Terrace R.E.M. Lee Theatre lobby after the show.