MetroVan Independent News June 2015

Controversial misadventures at Miss World Canada kapusong pinoy At this year’s crowning gala, some delegates walked out and refused to return to the stage. A spectacular show wowed the Filipino-Canadian crowd on Friday’s Kapusong Pinoy concert held at Orpheum Theater in Vancouver. > Entertainment Page 16 >entertainment PAge 21 June 2015 Vol. 1 No. 3 METROVAN INDEPENDENT MEDIA Senate expected to act next Canada’s economy week on controversial Bill C-51 posted a decline The worse in almost six years: By Yul Baritugo Demonstrators gather in Downtown Vancouver on May 30 as a protest to Bill C-51. The convergence is part of a National Day of Action with events happening across Canada. By Yul Baritugo A final vote by the Senate expected next week again resulted in Canada-wide mass protest against repressive Bill C-51, which literally takes away Canadian civil rights, using jihadist as bogeymen and as a pretext of protecting Canadians. The law will empower police and Canada’s intelligence services to take action against suspects and detained them without court hearing for two weeks. The detention is based on mere suspicion that at some future time a suspect may execute a terrorist act. The government can likewise Connect with us: @MetroVanNews demand a secret hearing where the suspect and his counsel are not allowed to attend. At the same time, comments in media about terrorist groups outside of Canada can be basis for filing a court action as any violent activity can be lumped as terrorist action under the bill. If a media columnist makes a comment to start a public discussion, public interest as a viable defense is not recognized under Bill C-51. Editors and production staff can be tagged as accessories to the criminal offense. Several hundred people gathered together at the Vancouver Art Gallery to say Photo by Simply the Best - The Luisa Marshall Show “No” to Bill C-51, a controversial security legislation they say threatens the rights of all Canadians “Freedom of speech is absolutely essential to Canadian democracy and this bill, in more ways than one, will criminalize freedom of expression” says one man. “I don’t support C-51 and it’s being forced through and rammed down our throats on the pretence of fighting terrorism.” “I’m just against Bill C-51, I believe it’s against our human rights,” a woman tells News1130. > NEWS page 3 Unde r the Conse r vative Harpe r government, the Canadian economy posted a decline driven partly by the slump in oil prices and described as the worse in almost six years, Statistics Canada (StatsCan) reported. The report dragged the Canadian dollar lower to about C$ 79.26 against the greenback. Even Central Bank Gov. Stephen Poloz described the economy’s negative performance as “atrocious.” The drop was significantly slower than the fourth quarter's downward-revised 2.2% growth, and was the worst performance since the second quarter of 2009, when the economy was in the grips of the global credit crisis. It was also the first time Canada's economy has failed to expand since the second quarter of 2011, which saw zero growth. Analyst said this development could have a long term effect on employment. The service sector in Canada is vast and multifaceted, employing about three quarters of Canadians and accounting for 78% of Gross Domestic Product, an economic measure of all goods and services produced in Canada. Six months before a federal election, changes implemented by the Harper government literally destroyed the Live-in Caregiver Program, affecting thousands of Filipinos hoping to gain entry as permanent residents. But political observers noted Canada’s aging population, traditionally a Conservative bulwark, stands to lose more. > NEWS page 3