MetroVan Independent News July 2015

Philippine Independence day celebrations in metro vancouver Vancouver Filipina Voted one of RBC's Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Highlights of Dakilang Lahing Pilipino and Surrey Independence Day Society's Santacruzan. Maria Nieves Santos-Greaves was awarded during the June 25, 2015 ceremony in Vancouver. >News PAge 8 >News PAge 11 July 2015 Vol. 1 No. 4 METROVAN INDEPENDENT MEDIA Fair Elections Act face court challenge TransLink tax defeated By the MetroVan Independent News Team Ca s h - str a ppe d Lowe r Ma inla nd taxpayers wanting accountability and better management at TransLink were deemed real winners in the historic defeat of the TransLink sales tax, says the No TransLink Tax campaign and Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF). “This is a tremendous victory for taxpayers, our underdog No TransLink Tax campaign and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation,” said Jordan Bateman, No TransLink Tax spokesperson and CTF B.C. Director. “Our campaign didn’t have millions of taxpayer dollars or fancy CEOs committing their groups to our cause – we had everyday taxpayers who simply believe TransLink wastes too much of our money to be trusted with any more of it. This is a win for all of us.” > NEWS page 3 Photo by Tota Mendez By the MetroVan Independent News Team The Ontario Superior Court is hearing arguments today and Friday from a coalition of groups seeking an injunction against a couple of key elements of the Conservative government's Fair Elections Act. The group, comprised of the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Federation of Students, and three private voters, wants to restore the ability of Canada's Chief Electoral Officer to allow the use of voter information cards as proof of address, and Connect with us: @MetroVanNews reinstate vouching provisions that would allow electors to prove their identity.  The applicants filing the motion say they are concerned that provisions in the Fair Elections Act will systematically affect the ability of certain groups to vote, including youth, seniors, indigenous people, the homeless and people with disabilities.  "We know that youth historically have low voter turnout and so we want to see changes to elections law that encourage students and youth to vote," said Jessica McCormick with the Canadian Federation of Students. "The Fair Elections Act did the opposite," she said in an interview with CBC News. The group has also filed a lawsuit against the legislation, arguing that the act violates section 3 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees the "right to vote in an election of the members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein." > NEWS page 3 Metro Vancouver to impose fines on food waste July 1 By Yul Baritugo M e t r o Va n c o u ve r a n d m e m b e r municipalities are proceeding with the organics disposal ban. Like other bans, it will be applied at Metro Vancouver facilities. We encourage food scraps recycling because it's the right thing to do, it takes waste out of our landfills, it reduces our methane contributions, and it creates compost and bio-energy. > NEWS page 5