MetroVan Independent News April 2016

CANADIAN BANK FINED FOR FAILING TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS DEALING OLYMPIC FLAME TO BE LIT APRIL 21 IN OLYMPIA The federal anti-money laundering agency has levied a $1.1-million penalty against an unnamed Canadian bank. The Greek Olympic Committee president and Olympic Torch Relay Commission chairman announced that after a relay, the flame will be handed over to Rio officials. >NEWS PAGE 2 >SPORTS PAGE 23 April 2016 Vol. 2 No. 4 METROVAN INDEPENDENT MEDIA PH-US War Games MANILA -- US and Philippine troops began major exercises as China's state media warned "outsiders" against interfering in tense South China Sea territorial disputes. The official Xinhua news agency gave the warning as Manila and Washington launched the 11-day Balikatan (Shoulder-toShoulder) exercises with a low-key opening ceremony in Manila. US Defense Secretary Ash Carter is to fly to the Philippines next week to observe live-firing of artillery and visit US Navy ships taking part. Carter is the first top US defense official to observe the war games since both governments started holding joint military exercises. His visit also coincides with the implementation of a new military agreement between the two countries, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). "The Secretary is going to be here toward the end of the exercise. He’s going to actually observe a couple of things. He’s very interested in the High Mobility Rocket System and how that works and he’s also going to spend some time out at sea with the US Navy ships that’s going to be out there," said Lieutenant General John Toolan, Balikatan 2016 co-director. "I believe that his main purpose here is to reaffirm that the relationship we have with the Philippines is rock solid," Toolan added. EDCA allows the US military to build facilities and preposition defense assets inside Philippine military bases. It was negotiated against the backdrop of rising tension in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), but the implementation was delayed because of legal challenges. > NEWS PAGE 3 RBC denies wrongdoing after being named in Panama Papers Royal Bank of Canada said Monday it has "high standards" to ensure none of the foreign corporations it helps set up for its clients are being used to evade taxes in Canada or anywhere else. The bank is one of thousands named in a massive data dump known as the Panama Papers, which appear to outline how Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has helped countless international power brokers set up foreign corporations. The full scale of the data has yet to be revealed. It was confirmed that the documents show Canada's biggest lender used Mossack Fonseca's services to set up at least 370 such entities for its clients over the years. > NEWS PAGE 2 Pacquiao dodges near-assault in LA Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao reportedly dodged an assault attempt outside of Kabuki restaurant in Los Angeles, according to reports. Per Philippine Star boxing reporter Abac Cordero, a "white male" had to be "restrained by Pacquiao aides" from assaulting the 8-division boxing champion as he was exiting the restaurant. The boxer was by the door of his Ferrari at the backdoor parking lot when the unidentified assailant “rushed to him.” As he was held back, the attacker reportedly screamed “F-ck you” at Pacquiao. The first two heavy landing ships sold by Australia to the Philippine navy. Connect with us: @MetroVanNews > SPORTS PAGE 23