MetroVan Independent News April 2015

Is Pacquiao win guaranteed? pinay in death row Running priest leads BasuRun Now that the stage has set for the fight of the century, people are gauging the certainty of Manny Pacquiao victory at the expense of undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Indonesia is preparing to move a Filipina death row inmate to execution following the Indonesian Supreme Court’s rejection of her appeal for a judicial review of her case. As the illegal Canadian toxic wastes continue to rot in the Port of Manila for over 600 days now, running priest Father Robert Reyes joined the call for Canada to immediately re-export the illegal shipment. > SPORTS A15 April 2015 Vol. 1 No. 1 > NEWS A7 > NEWS A8 METROVAN INDEPENDENT MEDIA Couple, baby survive Coquihalla mishap Anti-terror bill spawns massive anti-Tory backlash By Yul Baritugo A huge Canada-wide opposition to a deceptively packaged Conservative antiterror bill that suppresses Charter rights including freedom of the press -- and even outright freedom of thought as a valid expression of dissent -- is expected to transform itself into a rabid antiConservative movement nationwide in the coming days. Amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Act appear to allow the use of evidence obtained by torture,” Green Party leader Elizabeth May revealed. > NEWS A3 3,670 Filipino workers to be sent home By Emmy Buccat Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ullamcorper, nisl in ullamcorper bibendum. Esteras van lay along a ditch on Coquihalla highway. No one was injured. By Alex Mino In the af termath of an intimate celebration marking the 7th year of their union, a common highway mishap almost ended in tragedy for a Filipino-Canadian couple. But it would seem angels were on hand to save them. Earlier, Brian and Michelle Esteras together with their two-month old baby Connect with us: @MetroVanNews Shiloh set out on a road trip to celebrate the couple’s wedding anniversary in Vernon. They were actually on their way to Vernon when forces of nature suddenly struck in a treacherous stretch of Coquihalla highway. The weather report said it will be dry and normal travel was expected. It was not. The couple planned to spend the weekend in Sparkling Hills to mark a milestone in their union. Shiloh cemented their marriage. Photo by Jane Smith Photo by Luisa Marshall Travelling at 90 kilometers per hour, Brian, dad to two-month old Shiloh, lost traction in the slow lane due to an unexpected blizzard which he didn’t anticipate as the weather report suggests it would be a dry and sunny day. Thinking that the anti-lock brake will assist him to come to full stop, Brian tried to step hard on the brake pedal to no avail as their situation went from bad to worst. > NEWS A2 Starting today, the rule that placed a limit of four years on temporary foreign workers to remain in Canada officially takes effect. An estimated first batch of 3,670 Filipino temporary foreign workers (TFWs) who entered Canada in 2011 under the lowskilled job category may have to go home unless they secure a one year bridge permit as informally proposed for those in Alberta or avail of other immigration streams that will allow them to legally stay, the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver revealed. Under the amendment to the temporary foreign worker (TFW) program, workers contracts can only last four years. They must be repatriated to their home countries and stay there for four years before they become eligible to re-apply under the same category. > NEWS A2