Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 9

9indulged in while alive. Since it needs a host body to do this, it seeks out individuals with similar behaviors. This is why dybbuks hang out in hospitals or bars where they seek a host body. They can also leave a host in the event that the addiction is cured or a better host comes along. Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous throw a lifeline to some- one who is metaphorically drowning. Their Twelve Step programs are the best way to stay sober because they give the alcoholic the inner spiritual strength and emotional tools he or she needs to wage a suc- cessful battle to gain the upper hand over an unwelcome intruder. It is frightening to think that destructive behaviors of alcoholics and ad- dicts not only result in misery in their current lifetime--it may not end there! Hopefully, this knowledge will help to “scare straight” those caught in the snare of alcohol or drug addiction. A particular scenario applies to certain chronic alcoholics and drug addicts who attend meetings, wanting to stop but are unable to do so because they are possessed by a dybbuk. If you asked them, “Is that gin and tonic really good for you?” most will generally respond, “No, I know it’s not good for me, but I can’t help it.” In a high prob- ability of such cases, the reason for their illogical answer is that they are no longer “feeling themselves.” They are no longer running their own show. Under normal circumstances, their critical thinking pro- cess would make a better judgment where he or she would abstain from alcohol or recreational drugs. Now however that ability has been held hostage -- taken over by a determined dybbuk who saw an opening in his or her victim’s damaged auric elds and climbed in. The dybbuk e ggs them on with doubts and insecurity to gain the up- per hand for one very selsh reason--he or she wants a drink, a joint, cocaine, heroin, or a psychotropic drug! Linda’s clients who have been under the subtle possession of a dybbuk report that after she removes a dybbuk, they feel a certain airiness or lightness of being - as if an enormous weight has been lifted off of them. For the rst time, the individual can really begin to deal with their addiction as they do not have to deal with the dark force that was attached to them. Their thinking becomes clearer as is their abil- ity to refrain from alcohol.