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6 The Clearance of Earthbound Spirits: A New Paradigm for Treating Certain Difcult Cases of Alcohol and Drug Addiction One area of metaphysics where Linda has done extensive research is the phenomenon of earthbound spirits, which in Hebrew are called dybbuks. She has channeled that earthbound spirits can exert nega- tive emotional, spiritual, and physical damage over an unsuspecting individual. In particular, as we shall see, this can negatively affect a person in the throes of drug or alcohol addiction. The concept of an earthbound spirit possessing or controlling a per- son’s behavior and health exists in practically every religion and culture going back to prehistoric times. It has been understood by so-called primitive cultures and their shamans on every continent ranging from Australian aborigines, North and South American Indi- ans, African and Asian tribal peoples as well as the primary Western and Eastern religious traditions. For centuries priests and ministers of the Catholic and Protestant faiths, rabbis of the Jewish faith, mul- lahs of the Islamic faith, and priests of the Buddhist and Hindu faiths have relied on the traditions of ritualistic practice called exorcism that drive away “evil spirits” of one who is possessed. However, in recent years, this practice has been largely ignored by these religions because of fear of ridicule from the scientic and secular communities. With the onset of the industrial revolution in the late 18th century, the supremacy of rational scientic principles overwhelmed traditional spiritual reasoning. The concept of a spirit remaining earthbound af- ter death, let alone affecting another human being, ran completely contrary to prevailing scientic wisdom. Such antiquated ideas were considered preposterous, superstitious, old-wives tales, unable to be substantiated by scientic methods. In moder