Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 5

5cic past life information regarding the origins of a specic pattern of behavior. Now, within the context of a particular past life mem-ory, that behavior begins to makes sense. In such cases, a specic past life experience has come forth in ones present life for emotion-al clarity and healing to help resolve similar issues in this lifetime. U1iÜiʅi>̅ʈið Past life issues can play a signicant role in determining disease etiology. The soul may have a mem- ory of unresolved medical issues that affected it in another life- time. In such cases that lifetime will come forth to be healed. Uiiʜvi>̅ There are times when a client has past life feelings or memories surface that allow them to remember in graphic detail the violent nature of their death in that lifetime. Of- ten, this peak event has major consequences regarding a cur- rent unresolved health issue or irrational behaviors and phobias. U>>}i>>̈Vi>̈Åð Sometimes a stormy mar- riage or romantic relationship is a replay of unresolved issues from a past life relationship between the same two individuals -- a new at- tempt to correct an old tikkun resulting from that lifetime. (One can only wonder what the tikkun was between Prince Charles and Lady Diane.) U*>i>Vi Reincarnations can, metaphorically speak- ing, stay in a family. Difculty between parents and children or between siblings can sometimes only be explained by unresolved past life issues and the ensuing tikkun. Sometimes a role rever- sal occurs where a previous parent is now the child or vice versa in order to correct a metaphysical imbalance from that lifetime. U"iʏviʫ>̅>ʜVVի>̈ Often a persons profes- sion or particular talent or ability comes from what they did in certain past lives. U>iʎ܏i}iLiޜʏviiݫiiVi Linda has had cases where a client, for no obvious reason, exhibits a particular afnity or unusual knowledge about a particular culture or era. She sometimes goes into trance to reveal details about that persons lifetime in that society or era.