Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 4

4ready to guide us back to our true pathway in life. Our ability to at least sense or preferably communicate with this positive angelic force depends on spiritual renement. This process awakens within us an inner knowingness that there is far more to life than what meets the physical eye. Linda channels that by seeing the good in people, and carefully choosing your words to avoid slanderous speech, good an-gels will surround you. Past Life Research Lindas research has shown that there are situations where past life issues can play a signicant role in determining ones current emo- tional conicts and issues. In The Healing Gift, Chapters 14, 17, 18, and 21 are largely involved in explaining the signicance of reincarnation in Lindas work. Unresolved past life issues have indeed proven to be an important missing link in drawing logical conclusions to bring clo- sure as to why bad things happen to good people. In fact there often appears to be a metaphysical link in determining the underlying rea- sons as to why a person has had to endure certain hardships and trag- edy in their life. The soul, which is clothed in the human body, may experience the repetition of certain behavioral patterns in its journey from lifetime to lifetime until the karma is nally corrected. Linda is uniquely gifted in identifying past life issues and helping to identify the soul correction that needs to take place as a part of the healing process. Linda channels different categories of past life information that are important in clarifying underlying patterns behind dysfunctional emotional behavior. Although it is fairly rare, she has even had cas- es where it was revealed that the origin of cause behind a stubborn health problem was an unresolved past life issue. UiݫV>LiLi>ۈ>ʫL>ð When a client admits to Linda that certain negative emotional states are completely irratio- nal or when the angels lead her to a database containing a compre- hensive list of negative emotions, Linda goes into trance to get spe-