Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 3

3ethics, law, and history. It is also discussed at length in the the Zohar, an ancient sacred text of Jewish Mysticism derived from angelic com- munication that is the foundational work of Kabbalah. The rst biblical mention of guardian angels in their capacity to watch over people was brought to light when the patriarch Jacob was leav- ing Canaan (the future land of Israel). As he rested for the night, he saw a transfer of angels--those assigned to the Holy Land went back up to heaven, while those assigned to other lands came down to meet him. Upon his return to Canaan, he was greeted by angels assigned to the Holy Land. Another passage in the Talmud sheds light on their spiritual purpose. “Two ministering angels escort a person and testify for and against him.”[1] This suggests that every person has at least two guardian an- gels: a Yitzer Tov angel (good inclination) and a Yitzer Hara angel (evil inclination) who are with him or her at all times. A good way to think of them might be as human friends. By treat- ing your friends well, they remain loyal to you. However, they may desert you if you abuse the trust behind their friendship. You might then attract the lower type of consciousness individuals (human or angel) who put out the same energy as well--a case of water seeking its own level. However, if you are fortunate enough to regain your moral footing, a better class of friend (human or angel) will soon fol- low. If people become truly virtuous and kind, a special angel guides them on a more enlightened path where they are given inner strength that allows them to endure any pain or hardship.[2] Linda channeled information concurs that every person is born with two guardian angels who are appointed from birth to help us navi- gate through life to fulll our soul’s destiny. We may reach certain goals and milestones in any aspect of our lives or get sidetracked, ignoring the guidance from our good guardian angel. However, when our inevitable spiritual wake-up call arrives--punishment or an un- planned reduction in ego in the form of either divine or human tough love--our good guardian angel is always there to pick up the pieces,