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2 Angelic/Spirit Channeling Services Identifying Guardian Angels One of Linda’s most astonishing spiritual gifts is her ability to identify one’s guardian angel. She channels from information found in an ex- traordinary book entitled A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson. Once the guardian angel has been identied, Linda encourages her client to silently communicate with it to cultivate an inner strength as well as to help avoid destructive behaviors and temptations. Linda has found that the vast majority of her clients profess a belief in the existence of their own personal “guardian angel.” Time and again, they have regaled Linda with stories of a force that not only watches over them, but has actually rescued them from either serious injury or even death. Her clients cut across all ethnic and religious groups. In fact, many of Linda’s clients are well-heeled professionals that include a signicant number of doctors, business owners, lawyers, teachers, as well as prominent religious clergy of several faiths. When push comes to shove, even skeptical progressive secularists have admit- ted to Linda they believe in some personal force that protects them from or during dangerous situations. It is oddly amusing that people whose primary belief system is science are still willing to “couch their bets” by being open to the idea that angels are real. Unbeknownst to most people, the concept of the guardian angel is deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian spiritual perspective. It is men- tioned not only in the New Testament and the works of Christian theologians such as Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther, but in the Old Testament (Torah) as well. It also is discussed by rabbinic au- thorities in the Talmud, an ancient philosophical discourse on Jewish Cover Photo “Sunburst at Rainier” by Kevin McNeal