Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 12

12 Liquid Gem Essences Linda is a rm believer in using liquid gem essences to alleviate suf- fering caused by depression and anxiety. Her experience with her more sensitive clients conrms that negative thoughts and feelings that operate in the etheric elds just below the radar of consciousness can be transformed into their positive counterparts. In fact she views liquid gem essences not only as a method of treating emotional disor- ders, but as a proactive means of promoting spiritual growth. Gem Essences are specically designed to “jump start” the process of dislodging those negative emotional states that may be responsible for blocking the detoxication and other healing processes. It is im- portant to note that in Linda’s research on emotions and toxicity she has discovered that the relationship between emotions and toxicity works in two distinct ways. In certain cases a negative emotion will bind in a certain type of toxin. In other situations a specic toxin will exacerbate a specic type of negative emotion. It depends on which toxin and emotion you are dealing with. Liquid gem essences are a gentle, safe method of managing various negative emotional states or personality characteristics. They repre- sent a signicant advance over Bach Flower Remedies, being consid- erably more powerful, although they work on similar energetic prin- cipals. Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a brilliant British medical doctor and homeopath, developed a complete system of 38 ower remedies, each prepared from the owers of wild plants, trees, and bushes. The best known of these is Rescue Remedy, also known as Five Flower Combination (Rock rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum). It is effective for treating stress, anxiety, and panic attacks in emergency situations. However, in addition to the small amount of ower material, the remedies also made in a 50/50 base solution of water and brandy, which makes them unsuitable for the needs of individuals being treated for alcohol or drug addiction. Lin- da works with certain brilliant formulators of gem essences who have developed a customized line of gem essences without alcohol, that work brilliantly to gently loosen and “take the edge’ off of negative