Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 10

10 Emotional Services Nutritional Rebalancing for Optimal Neurological Functioning Chapters 15-16 of The Healing Gift describe how Linda is guided by Sigmund Freud, her principle spirit guide, to evaluate the biochemis- trybehind depression and anxiety. This is done from a nutritional and endocrinological perspective. The The chart below shows the variety of nutritional co-factors that are required to transform L-Tryptophan and DL Phenylalanine, two essential amino acids, into various other biochemicals in their respective pathways. ;YW[VWOHU   /;7 :LYV[VUPU3 7OLUSHSHUPUL3  ;YVZPUL3  +VWH 7YLJ\YZVY TVSLJ\SL +VWHTPUL 5VYHKYLUHSPUL (KYLUHSPUL  ,ZZLU[PHS (TPUV (JPK  5VU ,ZZLU[PHS (TPUV (JPK  3+VWH 5L\YV[YHUZTP[[LYZ 5L\YV[YHUZTP[[LY  /VYTVUL /VYTVUL Needs Folate and Vitamin CNeeds folate, Mg, Mn, Fe, Ca, Zn and Vitamin C Needs folate, Mg, Mn, Fe, Ca, Zn and Vitamin C Needs B6, Zn, SAMe and TMG Needs Vitamin C, SAMe and TMG Needs B12, folate, niacin, SAMe and TMGNeeds B6, ZincSAMe and TMGNeeds B6 & ZincCatecholamines Omega 3 Fats Improve Neurotransmitter ReceptionNiacin(Vitamin B3)Essential Amino AcidNon Essential Amino AcidIndoleamine *H[LJOVSHTPUL 7H[O^H 0UKVSLHTPUL:LYV[VUPU 7H[O^H 4LSH[VUPU )YLHRKV^U