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7toxicity can throw a monkey wrench into determining the true nature of one’s God given metabolism and optimal diet. Fungus and parasites, in particular, feed at the trough of meat and animal products. This is why one’s level of environmental toxicity may be the key determining factor in determining when to override one’s genetic metabolic type as the primary consideration in constructing a healing diet that is transitional in nature. For example, if one is a “fast oxidizer” requiring higher levels of protein more typically found in animal products, it still may be best for them to abstain from such foods until such time as fungal levels, parasite levels, and heavy metal toxins are substantially reduced. Only then can a transition be made to a more optimal diet in accordance with their true metabolic type. Does the mainstream medical community endorse Linda in any signicant manner? Yes! As our book clearly shows and what will come as a surprise to many people, is that some of Linda’s biggest boosters are well known medical doctors from all over the world. (See Doctor Testimonials in this website) Linda has channeled that undetected environmental toxicity ranging from heavy metals, industrial chemicals, food additives, and electromagnetic pollution to pharmaceutical and recreational drugs has surpassed lack of sanitation issues in importance as the most overlooked root cause behind much chronic degenerative disease. The doctors appreciate her because she is able to sense and analyze environmental toxicity in ways that are beyond the capacity of traditional medical tests. This allows her to understand cause and effect behind complicated disease etiology on an unprecedented level. For example, she can detect the presence of even small amounts of environmental toxins such as mercury that are burrowed in brain, organ, or glandular tissues. Some of these toxins will not normally show up in blood, urine, or saliva tests. This knowledge allows her to design elegant detoxication protocols to successfully treat a health condition that has been stymied by traditional approaches.