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6nd that it is acidifying while another person with a different metabolic type would nd his or her other half of the tomato alkalizing. This is just one important reason as to why there is no such thing as a universal diet.Therefore depending on your Metabolic Type, Linda believes that some people should consume small to moderate amounts of animal protein while other people should be strict vegetarians or even vegans. For example, a traditional vegetarian diet of low fat, low protein, and high complex carbohydrates diminishes the energy production of a fast oxidizer while increasing the energy of a slow oxidizer. This is one reason why certain strict vegetarians exhibit that gaunt, pasty look and are overly thin, with stick gure limbs, while other strict vegetarians--who have different metabolic types--thrive and positively glow with vibrant energy. What is most amazing about Linda, in this regard, is her ability to channel the results without doing these lab tests! The Glycemic Index (GI) is a method of measuring the quality and quantity of carbohydrates of a particular food in relationship to its ability to raise blood glucose levels. These levels can change throughout the day and are in large part dependent upon the quality and quantity of carbohydrate content in your food. The GI specically measures the speed at which carbohydrates break down in the digestive tract to form glucose, a sugar that is the body’s principal source of energy. Glucose is the fuel that feeds your brain, muscles, and other organs. A scale that ranks foods is used where sugar is set at 100 and all other foods are indexed against it. The higher a GI rating the quicker the food is digested and the quicker glucose is released into the blood stream. The lower a GI rating the slower that food is digested and the slower glucose is released into the blood stream. ™½½’Í$€)Ω…±Υ”₯́‘•Ρ•Ι΅₯Ή•Α‘εΝ₯½±½₯…±±δ₯Έ‘Υ΅…ΉΜ₯Έ…½Ι‘…Ή”έ₯Ρ …Έ€)₯ΉΡ•ΙΉ…Ρ₯½Ή…±±δΝΡ…Ή‘…Ι‘₯镐΅•Ρ‘½ΥΡ₯±₯镐‰δΡ•ΝΡ₯Ήœ±…‰½Ι…Ρ½Ι₯•Μ°€)ΥΉ₯Ω•ΙΝ₯Ρ₯•Μ°…Ή½ΙΑ½Ι…Ρ₯½ΉΜ…Ι½ΥΉΡ‘”έ½Ι±Έ=Έ„Ν…±”½˜€ΔΡΌ€(Δΐΐ°„‘₯ $Ω…±Υ”₯Μ€άΐ½Θ΅½Ι”°„΅•‘₯Υ΄$Ω…±Υ”₯Μ€Τ؁Ѽ€Ψ䰁…Ή€)„±½ά$Ω…±Υ”₯Μ€Τԁ½Θ±•ΝΜΈ€€ Anti Candida Diet - Linda’s great contribution to the science of food and nutrition is her discovery of how unresolved environmental