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3“bafed” by the inability of their traditional protocols to help their patient, Linda’s depth of analysis and astonishing capacity to unravel complex conditions can make her (working in conjunction with Dr. Lobe) the healer of last resort. The Healing Gift contains examples of stunning testimonials describing difcult health conditions she has successfully treated. These include arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, ulcerative colitis and infertility, where the common underlying theme is undiagnosed environmental toxicity. How does she do her work? Linda’s amazing claim is that her gift originates from her ability to channel angels and spirit guides with a pendulum. She does this using a psychic dowsing system that David Freud developed called Metaphysical Systems Engineering ™. This involves Linda channeling a range of responses using a sophisticated set of physical, emotional, and metaphysical databases of information. Through this process she receives incredibly precise and accurate information on health issues involving what may be difcult-to-diagnose or hidden causes of organ dysfunction and endocrine disruption, as well as other co- factors related to the mind/body/spirit connection. From a physical perspective, this often involves environmental toxicity, harmful pathogenic activity, nutritional imbalances, and other lifestyle issues. This allows her to craft precise healing regimens derived from a broad array of natural remedies ranging from orthomolecular nutrients, herbal medicine, and homeopathy as well as a customized diet based on one’s biochemical individuality. This involves an interplay of variables such as acid/alkaline issues, anti-candida diet, metabolic type, and glycemic index. For a comprehensive overview of Linda’s psychic dowsing process, Metaphysical Systems Engineering ™ please read Chapters 2-13 of The Healing Gift. How does her dietary philosophy manifest in creating diets that assist in the healing process? The most important premise that Linda operates under is that there is no such thing as a universal diet. The key to determining the best food choices for any individual is to rst establish their biochemical individuality.