Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 7

Resources from Kabbalah and Other Sources for the Study of Kabbalistic Meditation & Angels For a detailed overview for the study of angels, see Chapters 19 & 20 vʜL\i] >ۈ The Healing Gift: Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive. >}՘> i>V] >v>\ >ÈVi>̅ Publications, 2010. Other resources we recommend include: >ۈÜ]>۰ The Dictionary of Angels. i9] 9\/iii*i]^ʣǣ Fox, Matthew and Sheldrake, Rupert. The Physics of Angels, i9] 9\>i Publishers, 1996 Kaplan, Aryeh. Innerspace, ޘ] 9\>*LÅ} >]^ʣ Kaplan, Aryeh, Meditation and The Bible, 9 i>V]>i]->i7ii]V]^ʣn Luzzato, Moshe Chaim. The Way of God, >̘i] 9\ii*LÅi^ʣǰ Meiliken, Jeffery. The Genesis Prayer, i9] 9\-̰>̈*i^x Schwartz, Howard. Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism ] i9] 9\"v1iÈ Press, 2004. Steinsaltz, Adin. The Thirteen Petal Rose, i9] 9\ >ÈV ]^Ȱ Tishby, Isaiah. The Wisdom of the Zohar: An Anthology of Texts, Volume II, published by the ̓>L>ʜvi܈Å ۈ>̈]^ʣ{ʣȣ]ʣn 9V>]- >9V>] The Zohar, Volumes 1-23 , Los Angeles, Ca: Kabbalah Centre International Inc. 2003. A Guide to Kabbalitic Meditation L >ۈiհ}iii