Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 6

6 Tools for Kabbalistic Meditation There are several forms of meditation where the principal idea is to reduce ones ego down to nothing (no thing). Kabbalistic Meditation is also able to accomplish this goal. However, Kabbalistic Meditation also has the ability to focus on a specic desire such as the removal of negative energies, a return to a spiritually embryonic state, or the need for physical sustenance. With this in mind, here are different types of Kabbalistic meditations.  Ui*>i>̈ʇ>iv̅iiݫi purpose of achieving a high degree of relaxation after one has undergone an emotionally traumatic experience.   U/i >iʜvʇ iiv>ʅiVi contained in the section of the Old Testiment where the Jewish iiVi̅i,i-i>/iʘ>i>i>V>̅ii letter codes that signify actual attributes of the Creator as wellas being the names of specic angels that helped Moses split the Red Sea.   U> iV>Vʇ/iwʏiiʜvi>Vܜʜv̅ʫivՏ prayer is used to form the 42 letter name of the God.Each six letters of the sequence is a code name for one of the lower seven time space dimensions of the ten Serot.